About Us

When you replace ‘i’ in illness with ‘we’, it becomes ‘wellness’. Helping you feel good when you need it the most is the foundation of Heal. Our spa and beauty treatments offer clients a chance the escape their realities . Whether you are mobile or not, we come to you to help you recover, regain strength and rest. So you can HEAL.

Du Toit Serdyn


I have always loved working in the medical field. When I met Izandi in 2005, I was a medical rep. But for a while, life took me in a different direction. Today I’m happy to be back and part of Heal. I’m passionate about helping people. Through Heal, I believe we can improve the experience of many patients with a speedy recovery and a more comfortable time in the hospital.

Izandi Serdyn


The concept of Heal was born along with my daughter Mika in 2013. As I was lying in hospital, recovering from the birth and overwhelmed by all the emotions, I longed for a bit of TLC. It got me thinking, why is no one offering spa and beauty treatments when you need them the most?

As life would have it, the idea disappeared along with sleep and any time for me-time. After my son’s birth, it popped up again. And then we got bad news. In 2017 my son was diagnosed with craniosynostosis. He had to endure six hours in surgery and six days in ICU. I stayed with him every step of the way.

Again the universe showed me the signs. I saw an elderly lady struggling to wash her hair and a grey-haired gentleman complaining about sore feet. Why was this service not available to help patients during recovery? Or visitors who spend hours in the hospital supporting their loved ones and can do with a pick-me-up too?

After my son’s operation, we grew stronger as a family. So did my belief that there was a need for spa and beauty treatments in hospitals. I started searching for this service in South Africa. Nothing came up. Well, the universe had spoken. I listened.